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Hunsik Kim

Neighborhood Design Center
Korea WEST
Baltimore, MD
Originally from Seoul, Korea, Hunsik is joining us as part of the Cultural Vistas’ Korea WEST program which is a joint initiative of the Republic of Korea and the U.S. Department of State. A recent graduate from Gangneung-Wunju National University, he studied Urban Planning & Real Estate and received a Bachelor’s of Social Science. While here, he is working with the Community Design Works program in the Baltimore City office.

Hunsik is very interested in sustainable urban planning and has experience with GIS and CAD. He has a strong social conscience and has undertaken a number of volunteering assignments (e.g. UNESCO in Russia and Better World in Korea). Having lived in New York City for four months prior to Baltimore, Hunsik has a willingness to embrace new challenges and learn from them. One of his great adventures thus far, was when he lived and worked in Irkutsk, Russia by himself for 1 year.
Saturday, June 9

12:15pm EDT